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Buy Soundcloud Plays

Let your music be heard

If you are a musician or a producer, you know how competitive could be the music industry. It is enormous and won't have any mercy if you are starting.

There are millions of persons who are continually trying to show their music and beats to the world. There are many DJs, rappers, guitarists, drummers and all kind of musicians you can imagine. All of them running to the same goal.

Become famous.

Do you have what it takes to be heard over thousands of tracks claiming theirs are better than yours? This is an enormous task, isn't it? 

Getting SoundCloud play is crucial for a musician and a producer.

It represents views, not just a number but evidence that people have spent time enjoying your music, your art.

At IGetFamous we know how important is it for new talents to be heard. We are living in a time where music is the same over and over. It has no essence.

We want to help talented musicians like you to share their art with the world.

That's why we crafted a software that will share your incredible beats and songs with the word. There are more than 200 million active users on Soundcloud, and they are waiting to hear your hits.

We know there are plenty of places on the internet offering you SoundCloud services like plays, likes, followers, downloads, and reposts. But all these are fake services. It is just a bot that can harm your SoundCloud account. 

Bots can be harmful to new musicians. Once people tell you are fake, you will lose all your credibility. No one likes someone who is fake. 

When saw that problem; we crafted IGetFamous. Our marketers' team designed a platform easy to use, fast and reliable. And better yet, that gives you real results, not bot at all.

Buying SoundCloud plays is easy and fast.


Let us show you how our software works.

Once you set an order, our software will share your song with thousands of active users on SoundCloud. People who want to hear new beats and styles. 

Then, our software will keep track of all the plays. Once you get the quantity you asked for, our software will stop sharing it. 

You are just three steps away from sharing your music with the world. Don't bother with a laborious process like other sites and use IGetFamous.

You need to :

1- Select the best service for you.
2- Add your URL 
3- And proceed to check out. 

In four or five days your music will be heard by the people you asked for. We don't guarantee you people will keep listening to your music, but they will listen to it once for sure. 

With us, you can easily crush your competitors and get more views anytime you want. Plays aren't just numbers, is a way to share with the world your success.

Buy real SoundCloud plays today and let everyone hears your music!

Julius Reinhardt

2 years ago I was struggling to get my brand out there. I spent hundreds of hours trying innumerous social media agencies, and zillions of tactics. But at some point, I got tired. The results were zero, and my bills were growing. I was hopeless. That was until a colleague blogger presented me iGetFamous. I was skeptic, but I had nothing to lose. So I tried it out their Instagram Following service and the rest is history. Now I’ve grown my Instagram fan base into a sweet/neat/solid +70k. The best of all: My followers are real and receptive. Now my blog traffic has skyrocketed. A bargain for such a cheap price. I totally recommend these guys.

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Lola Tarre

I’m totally happy with iGetFamous’ service. There are no many words to describe it. I invested a good amount of money with them on social engagement. I got likes, followers, and some video views for my book launch clip… ¡WOW! These guys are amazing. Never thought their algorithm was this powerful. Now I have more than 150 orders, and my book has not even went out for sale yet! So, get out there and purchase their Maximum Reach Bundle to get the best results for you.

Sci-Fi Writer 20 th, Sep 2017

Gabriel Astor

You have heard it: “Don’t buy social media engagement”. I have 10 years as an online entrepreneur and I’ve heard this thousands of times. I tried to avoid at all costs this practice, but one day, while I was surfing on the web for reliable services, I found iGetFamous. These guys are different than the rest. They’re real people. They run a real marketing agency, with real strategies for you. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Their kick-ass algorithm connects your posts and social profiles with a powerful publishing network that highlights your work. Still have doubts? Try them out and kill your competition!

Serial Entrepreneur 20 th, Sep 2017

Mike Willow

I was down. I remember I began using social media on 2006. Myspace. It was the bomb. But times had changed. Tweeting is time-consuming, Facebook it's pretty challenging and Instagram takes lots of creative efforts . It was hard for me to get my content out there . I bet you have felt the same . That's why I started researching about the best agencies that can get my music promoted. I didn't find a good one; most marketers don't get the formula. My pals at IGetFamous do. They promote your stuff and you get your message spread? Doubt it? Try a starter pack and viralize your content.

Singer & Producer 12 th, Jan 2018

Peter Steinhäuser

I cannot recommend more IGetFamous' service. These guys are amazing. The networking team has 8X my revenue with their marketing tactics. Now I have more visitors in my website, more leads; and my CTR has skyrocketed since october. Many of my colleagues ask me why they don't get the results I have. I told them I realized that if you invest in Social Media, wisely, can make a pretty damn good impact. Go and get their service. IGetFamous have people who really knows how it works!!!!

CEO Financial Forecasts 10 th, Jan 2018

Elizabeth Ramsey

This is the most reliable marketplace selling social media services. IGetFamous has blown me away. Now I can get as many followers and likes as I want for my brands. I leverage my work with their Networking Team. It's so sad to see my competition walking in circles trying to figure out what I'm doing. But let me tell you the truth: IGetFamous is my secret. Go get their service! They're super affordable.

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Lucas Allen

Sometimes you just need a boost. And courage to grow your brand. If you are getting out of ideas I highly recommend you to subscribe and buy these guys services. IGetFamous encourages you to keep growing by leveraging a consistent strategy. That's what I'm all in with their services. My clients just love it.

Marketing Consultant 02 th, Jan 2018

John Krause

This service is amazing. It has allowed me to help my artists in the long term. If your channels are low on interaction and your subscribing count isn't growing; IGetFamous grow your views and plays in the main social media networks... Our artists have grown their fanbase leveraging the Facebook and YouTube Views packages. And the best of all, they offer a growth hacking package for SoundCloud Plays. Try them out, I'm definitely satisfied with the results IGetFamous gave us! And it's super Cheap!

Artist Manager 01 th, Jan 2018

Andrew Nielsen

IGetFamous' service can't get simpler than it is. Just pick your goals and check out. You will have your results delivered in a matter of days. My brand has grown 150% with their help, and my social media is more active than ever. Since I'm subscribed to their mailing list, I always get great deals, growth tricks and smart bundles to boost my campaigns. I just love the service and would recommend to anyone in need of growing their reach. Trust them!

Social Media Marketer, Investigall 17 th, Jan 2018

Dwane Effron

It was so hard that it hurt. I always refused to get my work out there and after years of fighting with myself, I landed a dream job selling my artworks. I pat was about my passion, changing people's lives. But I learnt that if you don't market yourself, you wont achieve nothing. To get the message out there, you just need a reliable service. It took me years to discover this. That's why no one is better than these guys to take you to the next level. Since I've met IGetFamous now I see my work with a totally different approach. Subscribe to the Social Media Growth Plan and get on the right track with this step by step guide. The service just works!

Artist 11 th, Jan 2018
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