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Jan 31, 2019

The Foe of Diminishing Loyalty: A Crude Instagram Reality

The Foe of Diminishing Loyalty: A Crude Instagram Reality

Followers dropping out of your Instagram profile can be tough! But iGetFamous shows you the 7 simple strategies to bring your game back on!

Your instagram following is one of your most important assets as a brand. It has been a journey of hard work and dedication in your quest to become an instagram celebrity. But, with all this hard work, how do you manage to maintain your hard earned followers when you see them drop off your list?

You have spent countless hours trying to get to the level you have reached. You walked the path from day one, following all the steps to find Instagram notoriety. The path has taken you where you always wanted to be.

Just a few weeks ago, we brought you an installment on how to become an Instagram Influencer fast. Maybe that was exactly the path that you followed. Maybe you went beyond and did so much more.

At first, you tried to find out where you wanted to be. You wanted to find your voice and make it be heard on the most popular social media platform on earth. You found yourself and created your brand.

But that wasn’t enough. You needed followers. Followers that would take you from a virtually unknown person to Instagram Influencer level.

You contacted your friends and family. You created content to be reckoned with. You knocked on all the right doors.

Maybe you even came to iGetFamous to get a little help. You got the results you were looking for and became an Instagram sensation.

But, as time passed, your follower count became stagnant and some of those precious followers have even dropped from your personal radar.

What happened to all of those followers that were there cheering you on your way to the top?

If your Instagram profile is in trouble, your followers may start leaving soon

As you know, getting people to follow you is very hard work. You did it all, and more, to get a reputation on Instagram and get the numbers you always wanted. But, recently, you realized that your stats fell.

Your worst nightmare was becoming a reality. People have stopped following you for no apparent reason. You have been producing “quality” content and have continued keeping up with the dynamics of your Instagram community.

So, what could be wrong?

There could be many reasons for your dropping follower count. At iGetFamous we have looked into this matter and we feel there are a few factors that can be noteworthy. These can really get you in trouble when your account has peaked and some of your followers are starting to jump ship.

Maybe you have lost track of trends.  The instagram game is one of tough competition and changing trends. Did you pay attention to what was happening around you? Did you use all the right hashtags? Think about it, maybe you have lost touch with the signs of the times.

Has your content become repetitive and boring?  The Instagram community is always looking for something fresh to chew on. Did your comfortable position let you forget what brought most of those followers your way? Your content has to be fresh and renewed every day!

Is your image dull and hasn’t changed in a while?  Ok, Instagram is full of content for everyone. Every day a new Instagram Influencer wannabe signs up to try to take over the scene. All those new profiles with flashy images and brand new visions can be playing against you.

Engagement is a must to keep your community coming back.  If you have thought about your Instagram followers at least a bit in the last few weeks, you have to remember to give them a shout. Always keep them on your radar. You community is the blood of your system.


But, how do you manage to stop the dropping followers and score a few more for your cause?

People will follow your vision after you apply these seven steps.


Well, it’s not that difficult. Getting your status as an Instagram Influencer back is not rocket science. You just have to follow a few simple rules to get back on track.

Read closely to find out what are the 7 simple rules you have to follow to get your game back on.

Choose the best hashtags you can to catch the attention of everyone around.

Hashtags are not only used to make your posts look nice. Hashtags are meant to take your posts beyond your local quarters. Create your own and use some trendy ones. You will reach farther than anyone else.

Get your content quality up to speed to captivate your audience.

Your content quality is very important. We have said it before and will continue to remind you this fact. Plan your posts very well and choose carefully the images that you use and the copy that goes along with them.

Use Instagram ads to improve your positioning and tap into unexplored markets.

When you use ads, you are placing your content forward for other people to get acquainted with your vision. Plan your ads schedule very well and target those niches that best match your message.

Leverage your Instagram profile with other social media platforms to capture different audiences.

Social media is a powerful tool. No matter what platform you want to use, you will find people that will be willing to join your community. Study those other platforms you are in and promote your posts intelligently for amazing results.

Collaborate with other influencers to get the attention of their audience and expose yours to different ideas.

Creating amazing content as a team with other influencers will bring you invaluable benefits. Strike partnerships with people that have your same values and that you know will enrich your own content. Collaboration is key to open up your game to a different level.

Engage with your community all the time to keep them hooked to your vision.

We’ve spoken about this before. You are not anyone without the support of your online community. You need them to survive and to keep your posts alive. Engage with them all the time. Find out when they are more active and see what they think. Interaction will keep them coming for more.

Use iGetFamous and get all that attention back!

If after following all those steps you are not convinced you are getting your followers back, maybe you need a little push to get you to the moon! Visit iGetFamous.com and find out how you can get legitimate followers that will get your profile noticed everywhere. Remember, followers always attract more followers.

That is all you have to do! Remember, being a successful Instagram Influencer is not just about being famous. You have to continue working hard to maintain your community engaged and your followers intact.

Follow these simple rules and take into account that, if you need help, iGetFamous is here round the clock!

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