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Mar 01, 2019

The 5 “worry-free” tactics to turn your facebook profile into a money making machine

The 5 “worry-free” tactics to turn your facebook profile into a money making machine

With the advent of the social media craze, many people have turned to Facebook to sell their products and services.  You can profit from your profile’s popularity on Facebook with IGetFamous.

Many people are currently making lots of cash on Facebook.  Yes, the most popular social media network has become a source of cash for those willing to go the extra mile.  It is not difficult to make money on Facebook, but you have to know the correct path to turn your profile into a successful brand.

First things first.  What is the status of your profile’s positioning? You have your social media profile and have decided that you want to make money from being on Facebook.  

However, positioning is key in your road to making money on Facebook.  If you have no visibility, it may take years for you to make some money using your Facebook profile.  It is not enough to have an amazing product, people have to know that you are there to buy anything from you.

Making your profile “sales-worthy” can be done easily

A well planned profile can help you make money on Facebook

Usually people are on Facebook to share precious memories with their relatives and friends.  Facebook is, in all seriousness, the most social of all social media networks. Taking your profile to a level where you can offer your products or services can be an easy task.  

Facebook has become a place to do business.  

For people to start selling anything, they first had to be noticed by the community.  So, getting noticed and well positioned should be your initial goal in order to make money on this exciting social media network.  You have to become popular on Facebook to be able to sell anything.

Getting recognition in Facebook takes only a few steps:

  • Connect with lots of friends to reach others.  When you have lots of contacts in Facebook, you are more likely to attract others.  That will make your profile a lot more attractive and you brand will reach new heights.

  • Post amazing material to keep your public interested.  Keeping your posting schedule full and your material fresh will get you noticed right away.  When you post the right material, the people you know will share it with their friends and spark everyone’s interest.

  • Engage with your community all the time.  We have mentioned it before on this blog, engagement is key to become famous.  If you remain in contact with your followers, they will return that attention with likes and shares.  

  • Join communities and groups to spread your content.  Being in different communities and groups in Facebook is a competitive advantage for you and your brand.  You can see what other people are talking about and have an idea of where you can find new followers.

  • Make your Facebook profile public.  Your profile can be used to position your brand everywhere in social media.  If you have a private profile, only your friends will be able to see what you can offer.  However, if your profile is public people will be able to see what you are doing and fall in love with your brand.

  • Position your brand in a well defined niche to let people know who you are.  Positioning is not only about having as many followers as you can.  You have to find your identity and know that it will be a lot easier to reach other people and sell your products if you have a well defined online persona.

  • Use a Facebook Fan Page to let people know about you.  A fan page is a useful tool for aspiring businesses as you can start getting recognition for all you do.  It is not restricted by friend requests and everyone can get access to it. People only have to like your page to start getting notifications about what you do.

There are other ways to increase the number of followers on Facebook.  IGetFamous is one of them. If you want to increase your followers, visit IGetFamous.com and find out what’s in store for you.  You may be surprised with the results you will get and the time you will save.


The 5 worry-free tactics to make money on Facebook

You Can Leverage your Facebook Profile to Make Money

You know what you need to do to improve your status in Facebook.  It is easy to do and your brand will be noticed. You will be on your way to sell your services successfully.

But, what are the steps that you need to take to turn your profile into a money making machine?

Facebook has a number of ways to help you sell your products.  Once your profile has been positioned and it is a recognized brand,  you just have to post your products and services. The network that you built from scratch will help you achieve your sales

Use the Facebook marketplace to offer your product.   Facebook has set up its marketplace to facilitate business transactions for people and businesses.  It is a place where people can easily communicate with sellers to complete their transactions. It is integrated into the main Facebook platform and people can communicate through the Messenger platform.

Sell from your Facebook Fan Page.  If you followed the steps above and created your fan page, this can be a perfect place to place and sell your products.  Your public is already acquainted with your brand and know what you offer. It is free to publish your products and you may be able to score sales to your most faithful followers.

Use Facebook ads to promote your product.   Although it will cost you to use Facebook ads, it is a tool to help you position those items or services that you want to sell.  Learn how to use them and make sure you segment your ads correctly to reach those people who can buy your products.

Open a Facebook Group to Promote your Product.  Although selling a product is not the main objective of having a Group, it can certainly help you promote your products.  Make sure you are able to direct your group directly to your niche and start promoting. You can mix the content you share through the group with valuable content so that people don’t get tired of sales pitches.

Use Influencer Marketing on Facebook.  Influencer marketing can be used on any social media platform.  You can call it collaboration or anything else, but in the end it is the same.  Influencers are good at selling themselves, they might as well use that skill to promote your product on social media.  It is not expensive and you will get amazing results as your product will be promoted with different audiences.

If you use these tactics, you will be sure to promote your product to a wider audience.  It will take some time and a little effort, but you will be able to score amazing sales.  Making your Facebook profile a profitable enterprise is easier than you think.

You just need to turn it into a recognizable brand and take advantage of all the tools Facebook has to help you sell your products!  And, maybe, if you need a little more help, you can contact IGetFamous to make your Facebook profile soar!

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