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Feb 19, 2019

Getting inspiration and ideas from other social media users is a good practice to boost your own standing.

Getting inspiration and ideas from other social media users is a good practice to boost your own standing.

Sometimes, getting enough inspiration to keep going on social media is complicated.  Being on social media is not for those lacking imagination.

When you have been going at it for a long time, even the simplest Facebook post ideas are increasingly difficult to find.  However, you have to understand that even the best have their own performance issues.  

Trying to put out new information every week is a colossal feat.

It is not easy to keep your profile fresh and full of amazing posts in the era of social media influencers.  

Influencers are fighting for people’s attention.  It is a fact. That’s why they produce so much information and are always looking for new ideas to give their public.

But, where do they find inspiration from their posts?

Getting socia media ideas requires inspiration

Inspiration is hard to come by when you want to keep your profile interesting.  However, there are a few ideas that you can follow, depending on your audience. It is not complicated, but you need to focus and remain engaged with your goal:  producing great content for your audience.

In a blogpost published by Thrive Global on Medium, over 75 influencers gave readers tips about what helps them remain on top of their game.  Most of them agree on what they have to do to continue publishing amazing content and keep their audience’s attention. Their opinions shed light on a few tips that they consider essential for their work.

Those top influencers swear by the efficiency of the following techniques:

    • Keep up with Trends.  If you want to continue producing relevant content, you need to know what is happening in your world.  Check out trending hashtags; find out what other influencers in your niche are talking about; and, see what your audience is talking about.
    • Maintain focus on your audience.  Your audience is your lifeline.  You need them and they need you. Study your audience and make sure you know what they want.  Getting inspiration and producing high quality material depends on how much you know about your audience.
    • All of them coincide, you have to be yourself, consistent and passionate about your work.  Getting to be an influencer depends on being your own self and talking about something that you know a lot about.  And, when it comes to putting new content out there, these are key.
    • Continue learning about your expert area.  You need to continue improving your knowledge to be able to produce more content and make it even better.  Being an expert information source will ensure that people continue coming back to your profile for advice.
    • Produce content that adds value to your audience.  You need to make sure that you are posting quality material.  Producing the best posts will ensure that people will continue coming back looking for more.  Research, plan and post. That is your best bet.
    • Engage with your audience all the time.  We’ve mentioned it a few times already.  Engaging with your audience will get you closer to them.  Engagement gives you a chance to interact and find fresh ideas that will help you continue posting amazing material.
    • Get out of your comfort zone, think outside the box.  Doing the same thing over and over again may work at first.  However, you may get comfortable and stop looking for new ideas.  Think of different ways to present your information and reach out to your audience.
    • Use special events to produce new material. Attend seasonal events to find ideas that may strike your audience’s attention.  Doing different things in your day-to-day may give you that boost that you need to keep your content fresh and current.

Remember, getting new material out depends on the effort that you put into your creative process.  These tips are what will give you the edge to keep yourself on top of your own game. Getting inspiration may come from a lot of different places.

You can also look at what others are doing to get fresh ideas.  Make sure that you look out for those that interact with you the most.  Engagement can open the gates to other people’s profiles which may be posting exciting material that your own followers may also like.

Find great ideas for social media posts

You need to keep your eyes open and always:

  • Scan through your followers’ profiles.  There are always things that people say that may give you new ideas.  Engaging is not only about answering questions. It is also about reading what they have to say and, maybe, finding worthwhile stuff to talk about to others.
  • Read thoroughly any interesting posts you may find.  There are many people with great ideas on the internet.  If you are looking for different things to say, maybe someone else has what you have been trying to say before.
  • Partnerships and collaborations.  Collaborating with others is always a great idea.  Your followers may be more than just ordinary people.  They may also be aspiring influencers and you can both win from a collaboration.
  • Follow more people.  The more people with interests similar to yours that you follow, may result in better ideas being discussed and discovered.  Finding new ideas may be just a few clicks away.

Getting ideas from others is ideal when you have run dry.  It may work as a mutually beneficial relationship, where you can both boost your content’s relevance.  However, always remember to give credit when it is due and ask for permission if you are posting some personal material.

Finally, always have in mind that one way to really gather enough inspiration is to find as many followers as you can.  When your follower count increases, you are more likely to find new ideas and see some things in a way that you never had before.

iGetFamous can give you all the followers that you need.  All you need to do is: sign up at iGetFamous.com; select the number of followers that you want to get; and watch your following increase in only a few days.

Once you have all those followers, be prepared to scan some new profiles for ideas.  It is an opportunity that you can’t miss.

Turn your attention to iGetFamous today and start your road to finding inspiration for your posts!

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