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Feb 01, 2019

Follow Backs are a social media craze everyone wants to embrace

Follow Backs are a social media craze everyone wants to embrace

This trend can be mighty powerful but, what is the magical formula to get users to always follow you back?

When you look at your social media accounts, you may feel very satisfied with the number of followers you have. You have worked very hard to get them and have fulfilled your initial expectations. It feels good to sit back and watch your numbers grow.

You may be thinking about ways to increase your following on social media all the time. There are countless ways to do it, but you have always wondered if getting follow backs can result from following others on social media. How can you ensure you get as many follow backs as you want?


Follow backs are so valuable you need to know what they are and how to get them

Go after those follow backs, they represent real vlue for your brand

Follow backs are simply those follows that a social media user gets after they follow someone else. However, follow backs are not automatic. Most people try to make informed decisions about who they follow back.

In Twitter, for example, getting one may have a lot to do with the type of profile and tweets people post. In Instagram, users who have visually appealing posts may get the most follow backs from other users. It all depends on the social media platform that you are in.

In a social media scene where “social proof” is so important, everyone is looking to get as many follow backs as they can. Getting them is confirmation that you are recognized as an Influencer of sorts. It is vindication for all the hard work you have put into creating your community of followers.

If you are a serious social media user, and an Influencer wannabe, you want to get all the follow backs that you can. Follow backs mean social proof.


Work the magic with your social media account to get the most follow backs

Work your magic to get those follow backs

As we have seen in past articles in this blog, working your social media profiles to get the most followers requires your full attention. Growing that amazing community, one that shares your values and pushes you to the top, depends on your hard work.

There is no free lunch in this world and you have to break your back to make it on social media.

However, you need to remember that there are a few steps to follow to make it big and attract as many followers as you can. Your full effort should be focused on a strategy to grow your presence in social media and getting as many follow backs as you can.

The magic happens in your profile and it all depends on your hard work. But, there are a few tips that you can follow to ensure you are making the right moves to get those followers you want. If you look closely, you’ll see that there is a trend you have to watch out for.

Study your target audience to get ahead of the game. I know we have told you this before, but it is a fact that you have to know who your target is. If you follow people with your same interests, you will be able to strike a note with them. Find common ground and watch the follow backs increase.

Follow other influencers to increase your social proof. If you are an influencer, or you are aiming to become one, you need to follow all the right people. Those who are reluctant to follow you, may find it attractive if you are already followed by other Influencers. Social proof is key to getting follow backs.

Develop high quality material to show what you have to offer. There is no question that your material has to be top notch in order to catch people’s attention. Work your creativity around the subject matters that you support and watch how people will be happy to give you a follow back.

Be careful with bots and trolls on social media, don’t look like a suspicious account. Today’s nightmare for many influencers is the fact that so many dummy accounts are filling the social media scene. Choose well who you follow. You want to increase your following, but you have to be careful with whom you decide to stand.

Watch your posting schedule to catch people’s attention at the right times. Most people will try to do their homework when trying to follow someone back. They will look at how much activity you have to dismiss any suspicious activity. Be constant, be organized, be transparent.

Follow people who have similar interests and engage with them frequently. Engagement is key in any social media platform. You have to remember to ask questions, comment and like posts to let people know that you are a real person. Someone interested in their profile and that may also have interesting things to say. Engage all the time, it pays off.

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When you are trying to get the most follow backs, you have to take all the right steps to get noticed and show that you have social proof. Credibility will ensure you increase your follower count every time you follow someone else. An amazing profile, quality content, following the right people, and positive engagement, will help you reach those prized objectives.

In the end, if you feel you still need a little push, you can always come to iGetFamous and find the best social media services on the web. Visit iGetFamous.com today and apply a little extra magic to your social media profile!

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