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Nov 28, 2018

10 Unbeatable Ways to Instantly Turn you into an Instagram Influencer!

10 Unbeatable Ways to Instantly Turn you into an Instagram Influencer!

Becoming an Instagram Influencer may not be like taking a walk in the park, but with IGetFamous you can get there before you know it!

Instagram is the #1 social media platform for promoting your brand. As of June 2018, over 500 million users access this network to share images and videos every day! So, there are infinite reasons to try to become an Instagram Influencer.

Being part of the world of Instagram gives you the chance to put your ideas and your brand out there. Whether it is video or an image, Instagram opens the most amazing opportunity to show yourself to the world.

Instagram: go beyond your family circle. Share. Promote. Sell.

People Want to Become Influencers on Instagram

Most of us know that Instagram is the place to publish your most precious memories and share them with those who you love the most.   Instagram has become part of many people’s lives.

As its slogan says, it is the place to “capture and share the world’s moments”.

However, being able to market your product through social media has become the new craze.  People have quickly realized that Instagram is the place on the internet where you can position your brand and sell your products to the world. 

There are so many ways to promote your brand on Instagram.  Through the use of photo or video posts, Instagram ads, Instagram Stories, and so much more.  Instagram is easy to use and you are able to show everything you want to your followers.

Get thousands of followers and become an Instagram Influencer

Become an Influencer on Instagram

If you are only sharing your posts with your friends and family, your brand isn’t being broadcast as it should.  You need to have a significant audience. Being able to tell your story depends on having a loyal following.

This will ensure that your ideas are shared and that your product is recognized all over the world.  If you have achieved a number of followers that gives you recognition, local or global, you have become an Instagram Influencer.

What is an influencer and what you need to do to become one?

They are people who have built an image based on their expertise, knowledge or, simply, their ability to draw people’s attention to what they do.  Plain and simple.

Influencers have very loyal followers.  They visit their social media profile, check out their Instagram posts all the time and, usually, buy the products that they endorse.  They both benefit from it.

It is good being an Influencer.  You get all the attention you want from your followers and you can broadcast your ideas and position your brand around the globe.

But before you get there, there are lots of things that you need to do.  

At IGetFamous we can take you by the hand in that complicated process of getting started in the world of Instagram.  We offer services that can help you increase your following, your views or your likes, to grow that community that will make you become an Instagram sensation.  

Visit our homepage to find out more about what you can get when you work with us.

10 Unbeatable Ways To Turn Your Instagram Profile into an Influencer’s Portal

INstagram, your stepping stone to become an influencer

So, now you know what Instagram is and what an Influencer does.  But, what do you need to do to be an Instagram Influencer?

It is not complicated, but you will have to work hard to make it on Instagram.  The more you know, the closer you will get to be where you want to be.

That is why IGetFamous brings you the 10 unbeatable means to become an Instagram Influencer.  

Choose your niche and find out who you want to be as an Instagram Influencer

It may sound obvious, but it is the single most important thing that you should do first.  If you are able to find out where you stand, you have half the battle won.

It is simple.  It should come easy, be a passion and you should know it by heart.  Being able to convey your message through images will become easier if you love it.

Use Instagram Stories to share your amazing content

Instagram Stories is one of the most versatile tools within this social network.  It is easy to use and it allows you to do and say all you want.

Stories are the welcome sign of your Instagram profile.  Your followers will get a notification on their account once they open it and will visit it immediately.  Place your most hallucinating posts, they will draw people’s attention and get them hooked.

Connect with your Instagram Followers all the time and engage!

This is true to all social media platforms.  If you are able to truly connect with your audience, through real engagement, your follower count will grow exponentially.  

People like to be taken into account and, if you are their influencer, they will love every minute you give them.  Use mentions, likes and promote your brand through giveaways. You will get more exposure and reach beyond your scheduled posts.

Look like a true Instagram influencer, post your highest quality material

Becoming an influencer is not only about recommending new products and being funny.  It means being able to produce the best material you can. You need to stand out from the rest and be your best.

Choose the topic of your post, make sure that you know about it.  Use high-quality images and videos. Get some first-class editing software to give it the finishing touch.  If your content is top quality, your audience will be glued to you for life.

Choose your hashtags carefully, they will position your brand.

Hashtags are at the heart of everything you do on Instagram.  People are always matching their interests to the hashtags that they see.  They are an indicator of trends within Instagram and allow people to find what they like.

Look for hashtags that are trending in your own niche.  Create some amazing hashtags of your own to make your content reach your audience.  When you find the right combination of hashtags, your posts will stand out and reaffirm your position as an Instagram Influencer.

Create an amazing bio, people will love you for it.

Maybe you’re thinking “what about the bio?”.  But, believe it or not, it is critical that you are able to tell an amazing story about who you are in only a few lines.  Your bio is your presentation card and that’s what most people will see if they are planning to follow you.

Be brief but powerful.  Your bio will either catch your audience or not at all.  Tell people what makes you who you are. You will show up more often in searches.  Prepare an engaging story and tell it in only a few words, people will appreciate it and join your following.

Stick to an organized posting schedule, your audience will be looking out.

Remember that you need to make sure that you are connecting with your audience. Provide them with valuable information, entertainment or maybe some good laughs.  But people are not connected to their Instagram all the time.

Find a way to post when most of your audience comes to Instagram.  Check your analytics to see when they are interacting the most. Plan your posts ahead of time and schedule them.  Your followers will be on the edge of their seats waiting for your next post once they now you are on.

Collaborate with other Influencers to reach a wider audience.

Collaborating on social media is one of the best ways to increase your audience.  You have your followers, others have theirs. If you get together for a joint project, you can only gain from the experience and you will start accumulating more followers.

Search Instagram for other influencers with similar interests to yours.  Find out which hashtags you use are being used by other people. Write to them.  A collaboration may go from working remotely to doing something together. Either way, you will benefit from reaching more people!

Contact your favorite brands to promote their products!

You are positioning yourself in the Instagram world and new opportunities will come. You may be able to work with brands you like and promote them through your profile.  Make sure that you are able to become the image of a brand that you believe in and that you know your followers will love.

Call them with what you offer and let them know how you both can benefit.  You can get an amazing deal and end up promoting a brand that you love. Striking deals with a brand will surely help you get ahead, it will give you added visibility and access to new audiences instantly.

Write high-quality content, you will look like a pro.

So, Instagram is all about the pictures and videos, right?  No, you have to find a balance among all those factors that help you make an amazing post.  Especially, you have to look at the content you write to include in your posts.

Sit down and plan what you have to say.  If it is a video you are posting, prepare a good script so that your greatest ideas are all there.  If it is an image, make sure that the text that accompanies the image clearly says all you want. Your content is also who you are, show your audience all of it!

You are ready, now go out there and Influence!

Ready to Become an Instagram Influencer

Remember, becoming an Instagram Influencer is all about sharing your content and taking all the right steps to reach audiences.  You have to position your name out there. It’s not only about being funny, giving tips about something you love or showing yourself as an expert in your niche.  That is only part of the journey.

You can’t ignore any battlefronts, they are all important and will give you the edge to succeed as an influencer.  When you master these techniques, you will become an instant sensation on Instagram!

At IGetFamous we are all about helping you make it on social media.  If you want to know how else we can help you become an Influencer on Instagram, visit our webpage and check out our services!  You will not regret it!

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