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About Us


About Us

Our story starts with a group of friends that had worked together over the years to FIND OUT HOW THE SOCIAL MEDIA INDUSTRY WORKS. After practicing most of the strategies on the internet, we discovered the truth of growing your audience on social media.


We believe that everybody deserves an opportunity to shine on social media, that's why in 2017 we created communities on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and SoundCloud that were interested in growing their status on each platform.We selected each social media account according to their content, ideas and vision.

That way we guarantee that all of you receive followers, likes, comments and views from real people, getting real support and real engagement.

We had worked in the algorithm but something was missing, we needed a name. Our mission in this agency is to help every person to empower their hard work and content, we want you to Get Famous on Social Media.

So, that was the name, IGetFamous.com

We want to establish this project all over the world, to each person, entrepreneur, artist, influencer to be, musician, to get the support they need, and make all their hard work pay off.


Meet our team:

Dave Alten
our CEO

He is (according to himself) the number one fan of Game of Thrones, he actually cried when the last season was announced. But, don’t tell him we said that.

He is also in charge of playing music all day. He is the boss, so that’s his job.

Samantha Botman
our CTO

When she isn’t providing new coding ideas to improve our algorith, or giving technical solutions to our community, she’s on her computer searching for technological gadgets.From a pen/calculator to a flying ball, the sky is the limit. We think it's an obsession.

Matt Lee
our CMO

Marketing is what we do, so we needed the genius to make it happen. This is the digital hobbies freak, from creating a meme to buying anything online.

We think he throws the best summer parties of the team, and probably we spent more time at his house than we should.

Samanta Fábrega
our Graphic Designer

We had a Samantha already, so we call her Sandy. She’s a perfectionist by heart, she makes sure that every detail is on the right place. She’s a beach and nature lover, and if she continues bringing more indoor plants, this office will be a jungle.

Gerard Thorpe
our Web Developer

Have you seen those men in the subway reading a book, standing, without holding on to any place? And you think, How does he do it? He is one of those guys.

When he isn’t reading, he is making sure that all our servers function correctly, and also is the guy who answers all your technical question. Thanks, Gerard!